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Zealand Falls Hut
October 23-24, 1998

Route: Zealand Trail, Lend-a-Hand Trail
Map: zealandmap.jpg (78399 bytes)


Zealand Falls Hut 2630 ft
Partway up Lend-a-Hand Trail 3050 ft

Vertical Climb:

Toi, Erin, Holly 765 ft
Paul 1185 ft


Toi, Erin, Holly 5.6 miles
Paul 6.6 miles

Who Went:

Paul, Toi, Erin, Holly

We left home at the somewhat respectable hour of 7:00 AM (as opposed my typical departure time of 4:30 AM when I'm hiking alone or with Muffin). After an uneventful drive up, we parked the car at the end of Zealand Road. We left the Zealand Trailhead in the mid-morning with full packs for an overnight stay at the Zealand Falls Hut, which was operating as self-service at that time of year. Muffin had to stay in a kennel because dogs can't stay in the hut. We also brought the camcorder with us because Holly was making a video about backpacking for a gym class project.

Since it was going to be an easy trail and we didn't have to carry tents or a stove, we packed in a lot of food. We also wanted to take advantage of the convenience of the hut's kitchen and enjoy a nice supper in the dining area.

The trail was relatively flat with numerous brook crossings over both bridges and stones. All crossings were easy, and trail was dry. There was also a section over a boardwalk through a particularly wet area where beavers had dammed up the Zealand River. Along the way, we saw a beaver dam, but unfortunately, we didn't see any beavers. Holly joked that Norbert and Daggett (from The Angry Beavers cartoon show) lived nearby.  

Erin, me, and Holly at the Zealand Trailhead. Much of this trail follows an old logging railroad is very easy hiking.

trailhead.jpg (72381 bytes)

Toi after crossing a brook along the Zealand Trail. The trail is relatively flat with numerous brook crossings.

toi on trail.jpg (60718 bytes)

Me along the Zealand Trail. Some of the drier areas along the trail would make good campsites.

paul on trail.jpg (64703 bytes)

Beaver dam. There were a lot of wet areas along the Zealand Trail due to beavers damming up the Zealand River.

beaver dam.jpg (68243 bytes)


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