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Streaked Mountain
July 12, 2008

Route: Streaked Mountain Trail


1756 ft

Vertical Climb:

700 ft


1 mile

Who Went:

Paul, Muffin

Our family was camping in the Hebron, ME area over the weekend, so, on Saturday, I decided to take a short trip up nearby Streaked Mountain. Muffin, who hadn't been climbing for a few months due to a sore leg, seemed to be doing better, so I took her with me. Actually, she was in better shape than I was because I had just had an accident on Friday loading the car for the trip and had bruised several ribs.

Loaded up with painkillers, I drove several miles to the trailhead, parked the car along the road, and we were off. The trail immediately entered a tall deciduous wood, and after a couple of turns, headed straight uphill next to some power lines.

Before long, the trail veered to the right and emerged out onto mostly open ledges, with some scattered trees and lots of blueberry bushes. It reminded me a little bit of the Blueberry Ledge Trail on Mt Whiteface. On the way up, we met several people who were there just for the blueberry picking.

It wasn't a long climb, just a half mile one way with 700 ft of elevation gain, but the ledges were moderately steep and a a reasonably good workout. At the top, near a fire lookout tower which is apparently still used by the Maine Forest Service, we met another group of people who had driven up a road that ascends the other side of the mountain. However, unlike Mt Wachusett or Mt Washington, which also have auto roads, the top of Streaked Mountain was not the least bit crowded. Muffin and I appeared to be the only hikers up there.

The summit area was broad and ledgy, with scattered patches of small to medium-sized spruce trees and the ever present blueberry bushes. Considering the ugly gray pall of the sky and the scattered showers in the distance, the views were pretty good, stretching all the way west to Mt Kearsarge, about 30 miles away near North Conway, NH.

Much closer by, maybe a mile or two from the trailhead, sat a tidy little farm surrounded by an angular patchwork of mown hayfields, plowed earth, and pasture, while several miles beyond, clusters of white buildings suggested the presence of a town, probably the outskirts of South Paris.

On the way down, I somehow managed to wander a bit south from the marked course on the ledges, and, at the bottom, we ended up having to cross through a fenced-in cow pasture to get back to the road. Luckily, our car was just on the other side of a small rise, and we were soon back on our way to the campground.

Well-worn trailhead sign just off Streaked Mountain Rd.

Streaked Mountain Trail. After the trail enters the woods, it begins to ascend next to these power lines.

Muffin on the ledges. Veering away from the power lines, the trail then ascends via open ledges the rest of the way to the summit. Painted red arrows mark the path.

Muffin on the summit. On top, we met some other people who had driven up a road on the other side of the mountain.

Self-portrait on the summit. If I look grim, it's because I was suffering from several bruised ribs and the pain killer was wearing off.

Fire tower. Apparently, this fire lookout tower is still in use and is maintained by the Maine Forest Service,

Looking northwest from the summit. The wide bumpy-topped mountain in the distance above the top of the telephone pole is Mt Kearsarge.

Closeup of Mt Kearsarge, which is about 30 miles away near North Conway, NH.

Closeup of a farm and fields a mile or two to the west of the trailhead.

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