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Lonesome Lake Hut
July 3-4, 1998

Route: Lonesome Lake Trail,
Around Lonesome Lake Trail
Map: map.jpg (447454 bytes)


Lonesome Lake Hut - 2760 ft
Partway up North Cannonball - 3250 ft

Vertical Climb:

Paul 1699 ft
Toi 1209 ft
Holly, Muffin 1147 ft


Paul 6.6 miles
Toi 4.2 miles
Holly, Muffin 3.2 miles

Who Went:

Paul, Toi, Holly, Muffin

Day 1

Our family, except for Erin who was away at camp, drove up to Franconia Notch on July 3, arriving there in the mid-morning, expecting to get to the hut for lunch. This was Toi and Holly's first trip backpacking up into the White Mountains. Erin was at Camp Favorite on the Cape and Holly was getting too old for the kid's Fourth of July activities in Westboro, so we though we'd do something different this year.

We figured that it wouldn't be nearly as crowded up at a hut as in a regular campground down below. The huts don't really allow dogs, but we were hoping to sneak Muffin in, as Lonesome Lake Hut has 4-person bunkrooms, and we expected to have a room all to ourselves where Muffin wouldn't bother anyone.

We stopping at the Trailhead sign in Franconia Notch  State Park for a picture, then headed up the trail. We moved a little more slowly than usual because Toi wasn't used to backpacking, but we had plenty of time and were in no hurry.

When we reached Lonesome Lake, we stopped for a rest and to admire the views across the lake. It was a nice day and we could see people on the far shore below the hut. After walking around the lake, partly on timber puncheons, we arrived at the bridge over the little brook that drains the lake and stopped to take some pictures.

Muffin by the Crawford Path Trailhead. I'd been up this trail from Rt 302 several times before, but never in the summer. It was nice to see the trail without snow.

trailhead.jpg (65654 bytes)

Holly and Muffin resting on a rock near the beginning of the trail. It was a nice day, and Muffin was glad to be on the trail.

holly and muffin.jpg (52568 bytes)

Toi by Lonesome Lake. The north end of Franconia Ridge is in the distance. The views from the lake are great.

Toi at Lonesome Lake.jpg (44235 bytes)

Holly and Muffin by Lonesome Lake. This shot was taken from the bridge that crosses the lake's outlet near the hut.

holly and muffin at lake.jpg (31703 bytes)


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