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Hancock Campground, Bald Mtn
March 16-18, 2001

Route: Bald Mtn-Artistís Bluff Path
Map: Bald_Mtn_map.jpg (51924 bytes)


2340 ft

Vertical Climb:

730 ft


1.6 miles

Who Went:

Paul, Holly, Muffin

Day 1

I picked up Holly after school on Friday, and we drove up to the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) Hancock Campground on the Kancamagus Highway a few miles east of Loon Mountain Ski Resort where we had gone winter camping a couple of years ago. This is one of only two WMNF campgrounds in the White Mountains that are officially open in the winter. We soon found a nice site, and began setting up camp.

In back of our site was a huge mound of compacted snow and ice left by the plows where someone had carved out a nice ice cave. The cave was large enough for three or four people, and would have been great in a serious storm, but we stayed in our tent anyway.

After setting up camp, we made supper in the vestibule of the tent. We both had soup; Holly had chicken noodle and I had bean. We also had some soft tortilla shells which make a good camping and backpacking bread substitute, hot chocolate, and granola bars for dessert. Muffin had a little soup, but ate too fast and threw a little of it up on the floor of the tent. I had to use the backpacking towel to clean it up and we weren't very happy with her.

As usual when camping in the winter, we went to bed fairly early, around 8:30. Holly and I got cozy in our sleeping bags, and Muffin wore her sweater. Just before going to sleep, we put Muffin into the bottom of Hollyís sleeping bag so she could keep warm. 

Our campsite. It didn't take long to set up camp. The ground was relatively flat, although my side of the tent sloped slightly toward the middle, so I ended up sliding away from the edge of the tent during the night.

Tent.jpg (42069 bytes)

Holly and Muffin in the back of the snow cave. Someone must have worked hard digging this cave because the mound of snow was frozen hard.

Holly and Muffin in the Snow Cave.jpg (148437 bytes)

Looking out of the snow cave. The cave was about 5-6 ft wide at the back, 7 ft deep, and 2-1/2 ft high. The cave was large enough for three or four people, and would have been a great shelter in a serious storm.

Looking out of the Snow Cave.jpg (161157 bytes)

Muffin in the tent. Muffin kept warm in her sweater at night, and enjoyed being in the tent. The first night, she slept in the bottom of Hollyís sleeping bag, but preferred a corner of the tent on Saturday. 

Muffin in the Tent.jpg (152088 bytes)


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