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Greenleaf Hut
September 12, 1998

Route: Old Bridle Path
Map: map.jpg (450754 bytes)


4220 ft

Vertical Climb:

2629 ft


5.8 miles

Who Went:

Paul, Erin, Holly, Muffin

I parked the car at the Falling Waters/Old Bridle Path Trailhead in the early morning. After stopping at the trailhead sign for a couple of pictures, we started hiking up the Old Bridle Path. We all wore our backpacks containing our water, snacks, lunch, and extra clothing. Muffin carried her water in her backpack too, and was very happy to be doing so.

When we left, the weather was partly sunny, but with patches of fog and mist near the tops of the mountains that were threatening to creep down into the valleys. At the split where the Falling Waters Trail crosses Walker Brook and branches off to the right, we stopped at the trail register to sign in.

From there, we climbed up the trail through the woods. After a while, we came to a sharp left turn, and the trail climbed steeply up to a lookout down into Walker Ravine. We thought we saw an eagle’s nest in a tree far below.

Just above, the trail ascended steeply up to the ridge, and we soon came to an area with lots of good view at ledges overlooking Walker Ravine. Looking west, we could see parts of Franconia Ridge through breaks in the mist. South across the ravine, the ridge coming down from Little Haystack drifted in and out of the mists.

Holly and Muffin at the Old Bridle Path/Falling Waters Trailhead. We all wore backpacks carrying our water, snacks, and lunch. 

Trailhead.jpg (70082 bytes)

Muffin is ready to go. Muffin carried her water in her backpack too, and was very happy to be doing so.

Muffin.jpg (60441 bytes)

Holly looking down into Walker Ravine. I always think of this one as "Oops, I dropped my homework down there," because that's how it's titled in a Powerpoint presentation I did.

Holly at Walker Ravine.jpg (42955 bytes)

Holly and Erin looking down into Walker Ravine. It's quite a view down into the ravine from the ridge, even with fog.

Walker Ravine 2.jpg (38333 bytes)


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