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Falling Waters Trail Overnight
September 20-21, 1998

Route: Falling Waters Trail


2750 ft

Vertical Climb:

1120 ft


3.0 miles

Who Went:

Paul, Toi, Erin, Holly, Muffin

We parked the car at the Falling Waters/Old Bridle Path Trailhead at mid-morning. After stopping at the trailhead sign for a picture, we started hiking up the trail. Soon after leaving the parking lot, the trail splits. The Old Bridle Path angles off to the left to ascend to Greenleaf Hut (as Erin, Holly, Muffin, and I did about a week earlier), while the Falling Waters Trail turns sharply right to cross Walker Brook over a footbridge.

After we crossed the bridge, the first part of the trail was relatively flat and easy-going except for the burden of our heavy packs. Knowing that we weren't going very far up the trail before looking for a campsite, we had not packed light. We brought two tents - one for Erin and Holly (and Muffin), and the other for me and Toi.

Before long, we reached Dry Brook. After crossing the shallow stream on some slippery rocks, we climbed up the steep embankment on the other side. The trail then turned east to follow the course of Dry Brook uphill toward Little Haystack Mountain, although we weren't planning on going that far. 

Along the way, the Falling Waters Trail passes three sets of falls: Stairs Falls, a series of gentle cascades; Swiftwater Falls, a medium-sized chute that tumbles into a quiet pool; and Cloudland Falls, a 80-ft ribbon plunging from a high ledge. We were planning on camping somewhere near either Stairs or Swiftwater Falls, wherever we could find a relatively level spot.

We stopped for a rest at Stairs Falls, enjoying the scenery and the relaxing sound of the bubbling waters. We also began scouting around for a likely campsite. 

Toi, Holly, and Muffin at the Falling Waters/Old Bridle Path Trailhead. Erin, Holly, Muffin, and I were there just a week earlier to hike up to Greenleaf Hut.

trailhead.jpg (64246 bytes)

Toi on the Falling Waters Trail. Just after crossing the bridge over Walker Brook, the trail angles gently uphill toward the south.

toi on trail.jpg (66141 bytes)

Erin and Holly taking a break along the trail.

erin and holly 1.jpg (70448 bytes)

Crossing Dry Brook. Erin is waiting for Holly to cross. The trail climbs up a steep bank on the far side of the brook.

erin and holly 2.jpg (63984 bytes)

Me by Stairs Falls. We stopped at Stairs Falls to enjoy the scenery and to scout around for a likely campsite.

paul at stairs falls.jpg (58261 bytes)


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